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Pre Cleanse

Pre Cleanse thoroughly melts away layers of excess oil sebum, sunscreen, make-up and pollutants allowing your prescribed cleanser to penetrate deeper for professional cleansing results. Use Pre Cleanse as the first step of your double cleanse regimen.


Cleansing Milk

Cleansing Milk is a highly moisturizing milk lotion made from Aloe Vera and herbal extracts which effectively dissolve and remove make-up, superficial impurities from the face and neck area leaving the skin feeling fresh and moisturized.


Herbal Cleanser

The Herbal Cleanser cleanse pores effectively, lifts away impurities and removes harmful excess sebum without stripping away the skin’s essential natural moisture. It also refines the skin texture resulting in clear and smooth skin.


Nano Cleanser

Nano Cleanser is an extra gentle cleanser made from natural ingredients and soothing properties that effectively removes impurities while protecting skin’s vital moisture resulting in refreshed and silky smooth skin.

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